Fertility Reflexology

Reflexology works to relax and rebalance the whole body . Regular sessions can help hormonal balance and reduce levels of stress hormones. Creating this healthy bodily environment is ideal for promoting fertility and research data from Seren reflexology UK indicates the success of fertility reflexology techniques to help many women to conceive. www.serennaturalfertility.co.uk


Jane Holt a UK based fertility reflexologist (reproductivereflexology.co.uk) states that she has helped many women with fertility issues to become pregnant and comments that reflexology has also helped her clients to  become more positive, relaxed, sleep better, have improved sex drive,more regular cycles with better flow and less pain. www.reproductivereflexology.com


Kathy Duvall has undertaken extra training in endocrine balance reflexology techniques and women's health and provides a safe and welcoming environment to work with women and their partners who would like to include reflexology in their fertility journey.

Women using assisted reproductive techniques (IVF) can also benefit from reflexology during the process.

 Six session package of fertility reflexology : $240 

Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology is an ideal holistic therapy during pregnancy. Women with an uncomplicated pregnancy can receive reflexology throughout their 9 months. Research has shown that women who received regular reflexology during their pregnancy had a shorter labor time (Gowri Motha 1993 and Mc Cullough et al 2017) .


A study by Shoberi et al (2017) showed that reflexology helped to reduce fatigue in pregnant women when compared to a non reflexology group.. Other studies have shown benefits of having pregnancy reflexology on low back pain, pelvic pain and ankle edema- Mc Cullough and Hughes (2014) Sleep, digestion, foot tiredness,and bladder issues can also be helped by reflexology. The body/mind relaxation achieved during reflexology help mother and growing baby to benefit from the calming hormones and peaceful environment.

Kathy Duvall has taken the Suzanne Enzer Maternity Reflexology Course (www.maternity-reflexology.com) and is aware of safe practice in maternity reflexology, She has training in the techniques that can help promote wellbeing during pregnancy reflexology. 

She is also able to use certain aromatherapy oils within safe dilution during pregnancy and prepare blends for during the birthing period.

Kathy will communicate with your obstetrician initially to let them know about maternity reflexology

Pregnancy reflexology is suitable for most pregnant women however a full assessment will be made before any sessions are started .

Please call or email with any questions you may have.

Pricing - I charge less for maternity reflexology so that pregnant ladies can visit more often. One session alone is $50 but a package of 6 works out at $40 per session .


Six session package of maternity reflexology $240


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